Park Holme, Landscaping and Driveway Crossover

Client: Renewal SA
Construction Period: 6 Weeks
Value: $155,000

Project Scope: Construction of new footpaths, driveways, irrigated garden beds and rain gardens in the recently completed Park Holme Urban Renewal development. The project scope includes demolition of existing structures, earthworks to formation levels, base preparation, concrete works, garden bed treatment, planting, mulching and the construction of 2 new rain gardens.


Ramrod Avenue, Hallet Cove Streetscape Upgrade

Client: City of Marion
Construction Period: 16 Weeks
Value: $675,000

Project Scope: Description: Construction of a new slip lane and streetscape upgrade on Ramrod Avenue, Hallett Cove.
The project scope is split in two main components:
1. Lonsdale Highway – construction of a new slip lane to create improved access turning right into Ramrod Avenue. The scope includes; demolition of existing concrete kerbs and pavements, bulk earthworks to subgrade level, new granular pavement, asphalt wearing course, new concrete kerbing and linemarking.
2. Ramrod Avenue – construction of a new streetscape including upgrades to kerbs, road pavements, drainage incl Water Sensitive Urban Design elements, linemarking and soft landscapes to new verges.
Ramrod Avenue is a highly frequented area as its adjacent the local shopping district, along with a Tavern and drive through bottle shop, and service station. The local school is also nearby and is a bus route as well.

Value added options: Once site works commenced it was apparent there were stakeholder concerns with the works and the effects this would have on neighboring businesses. We were able to modify our construction scheduling and traffic management plans with little additional cost to the client to appease the Tavern and Service Station proprietors.
Problem Solving: Traffic management was a key risk as there were frequent movements into and out of the local business on Ramrod Avenue. By working on one side of the road at a time, we were able to maintain access to properties most of the time. Some design issues were encountered along the way. By working closely with Council Representatives, these were overcome, and any issues rectified quickly and to a high standard.