Morphettville Urban Renewal

Client: Renewal SA
Construction Period: 18 Weeks
Value: $2,600,000

Renewal SA on behalf of the South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT) is redeveloping land comprising of older SAHT properties at Morphettville on an 11-hectare site off Hendrie Street bounded by Appleby Road (Sturt River), and Carlisle Avenue which includes Barham Avenue, Baker Avenue, Nilpena Avenue, and Nunyah Avenue.

The first stage involved the renewal of approximately 50 SAHT dwellings and land to create approximately 100 new housing allotments resulting in an increase of density.
The project scope includes bulk earthworks, retaining wall construction, fencing, stormwater drainage, construction of 3 new roads, sewer and water extension, common service installation, footpaths, kerb adjustments and road re-sheeting.

Value added options: Careful staging of works occurred to ensure high risk activities were not constructed in winter i.e. exposed subgrade. This resulted in both a time and cost saving for the client.
Problem Solving: Design optimization with the construction of the road, ensuring that the layers of pavement matched the thicknesses of kerb. This resulted in a cost saving to the client.


Little Para Aqueduct - Embankment Stabilisation

Client: SA Water
Construction Period: 6 Weeks
Value: $200,000

Embankment stabilisation at two locations along the Little Para Aqueduct. Site one involved the reshaping of a bank and water course, construction of footing and a 3m high gabion high retaining wall with guard railing. Site two consisted of the shot-creting of 4m high batter and the placing of a new pipe chair, backfilling and making good.

Value added options: Design was specifically tailored by Camco to provide the client with the cheapest and most effective way to stabilise the creek banks. Due to the nature of the sites, two different methods were deployed in order to maximise value for money.
Problem Solving: Due to access restrictions the batter construction had to be altered to a Shotcrete design to both limit the construction footprint as well as the safety of personnel.


Lovelock Drive, Noarlunga Downs - Residential Subdivision

Client: Quattro Built Pty Ltd
Construction Period: 36 Weeks
Value: $2,300,000

Construction of a 60-allotment land division on Lovelock Drive Noarlunga. Lovelock Drive is a busy thoroughfare from Noarlunga Downs to the Noarlunga Shopping Centre Precinct. The project scope includes bulk earthworks, engineered allotment filling, precast concrete retaining walls, fencing, sewer, water and electrical infrastructure, concrete kerbing, bitumen and stormwater drainage.

The western boundary of the site fronts DPTI rail corridor, therefore special permits and work procedures were required to be able to build the retaining walls and fencing on this boundary.

Value added options: The project required careful staging of works to allow the builder to commence construction whilst civil works were being completed. A childcare centre was construction by the builder on the northern end of the site, earthworks and pavements were completed to schedule to allow the critical opening date to proceed as planned.
Problem Solving: During the project a large diameter privately owned watermain was found to clash with new services to be constructed. Working closely with the client and SA Water we were able to overcome these issues to progress with works. South Adelaide Football Club are located adjacent the site. They have busy trade period throughout football season and particularly around Sept finals. Careful negotiations were conducted to allow minimal effect to their normal operations whilst still conducting site works safely.