Maltarra Road, Munno Para - Stormwater Upgrade

Client: City of Playford
Construction Period: 20 Weeks
Value: $760,000

Project Scope: Upgrade of an existing failed in-situ concrete box culvert base slab adjacent Main North Road Munno Para. The project scope includes the excavation and stockpiling of an existing noise mound (approximately 4m high), removal and storage of the existing 3m x 900mm high box culvert crowns, demolition of the failed base slab, preparation and construction of the new in-situ structural base slab, remediation of all culverts and replacement of the existing culverts that were beyond repair, backfilling and reinstatement of the existing noise mound and various small drainage modifications. 

Innovation: Whilst working onsite it was identified that there were some failures further upstream meaning that water was leaching into the in situ soil and bypassing the culverts. Council requested that this was repaired. The repair methodology was then developed in conjunction with the supplier to ensure the longevity of the repair, it used various highly specialised crack patching materials that were able to be applied in damp and underwater conditions.
Problem Solving: Once the culverts were exposed it was identified that a number of culverts were beyond being salvaged. Camco demobilised at no extra cost to the client whilst awaiting the manufacture of the additional culverts.
Work, Health and Safety: Working in an active watercourse, meant that it was imperative to maintain a high standard of environmental management. A low flow pump set up was established in order to reduce the flows through the site and sedimentation basins as well as haybale traps were constructed in the water course to reduce sediment levels.


Marryatville High School, Culvert Rectification Works

Client: Department of Planning, Transport & Infastructure
Construction Period: 12 Weeks
Value: $315,000

Project Scope: Camco was engaged to re-construct a creek crossing over First Creek for access to a staff carpark at Marryatville High School. The project scope included; demolition and site preparation for construction of the works, construction of a new 4.8 m wide x 1.65 m high box culvert including in-situ concrete base slab, construction of upstream / downstream reinforced concrete headwalls and new pavement. As well as additional erosion control through the placement of rock scour protection around the headwalls and a new levee and flood wall along the northern bank of the creek. 

Value added options: Camco was able to adjust the alignment of the flood wall in consultation with the designer to protect a canoe tree which had significant heritage value to the site.
Problem Solving: Camco was able to stage the concrete and culvert works in the invert of the creek to avoid the heavy flows of the creek following rain events.


Willaston Stormwater Drainage

Client: Town of Gawler
Construction Period:
18 Weeks

Project Scope:
Camco was engaged to construct Stage 1 of an upgrade to a stormwater drainage system in Willaston. The project involved linking the existing drainage network to the outlet on the eastern side of Main North Road. There was a requirement to construct a large institute link-in pit, cross Main North Road with 600mm stormwater pipe and installation of pre-cast side entry pits and junction boxes. The project consisted of the installation of 1350 meters of pipework of various sizes, 24 side entry pits and 18 junction boxes and the existing detention pond was re shaped and new headwalls were installed.

Value added options: Camco was able to assist with redesign to avoid service clashes
Problem Solving: Camco was able to identify number of service clashes prior to works avoiding major project delays and costs, including identifying an existing main fiber optic cable that was not located on the DBYD plans 


Meningie Main Street Stormwater and Streetscape

Client: Coorong District Council
Construction Period: 20 Weeks
Value: $1,950,000

Works undertaken on behalf of the Coorong District Council, to reduce the flooding of the main street of Meningie as well as upgrade the existing streetscape.
The project scope includes; demolition and modification of the existing stormwater network, including the installation of 1000m of new stormwater drainage network varying in size.
Subsurface & concrete works were also undertaken, including the removal and disposal of existing spoon drains and kerbing. Realignment of the spoon drain occurred to allow better access to vehicles during flooding events.
Pavement works were also undertaken, with over 1500m² of clay paving. This was laid in replacement of existing footpaths, mainly in front of the council chambers and the main street park. Asphalt paving was also profiled and relayed post works, consisting of approximately 5000m². 

Value added options: Continuously provided design optimisation during the project which aided in cost savings, design alterations for easier maintenance and streetscape aesthetics. Examples of this included; re-designing the stormwater grates to provide easy maintenance access and replacing all concrete islands with paving at no additional cost.
Problem Solving: Traffic management and pedestrian management was maintained to vehicles and businesses through temporary ramps and profiling and asphalt overlay. This reduced the community complaints and provided the traders with unrestricted access